This year we will prepare for and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist as we did in 2020.
The process will be:

  1. Completion of the Preparation Course for the Sacrament
  2. Completion of the 2021 Sacrament Request Forms (available from the Parish Office) with supporting documentation attached:
    1. For Reconciliation:
      1. 2021 Request Form.
      2. Birth Certificate.
      3. Baptism Certificate.
    2. For First Eucharist:
      1. 2021 Request Form.
      2. Baptism Certificate.
    3. Note that both parent(s)/Guardian(s) have to sign the Request Forms (In cases where that is not possible contact Fr Paul and let him know).
  3. Arranging for reception of the Sacrament by contacting Cathy at the Parish Office – 6331 3066.
    1. For Reconciliation: arranging a suitable place and time to meet with one of the Priests.
    2. For First Eucharist: arranging for reception of the Sacrament at a weekday or weekend
      Mass of the family’s choice.
      Note well: We will keep to a maximum of 5 families at any one weekday or weekend Mass so that we can adhere to the 2 sq metre rule.
      Whatever Covid restrictions apply to our Churches at the time of the celebration will determine the numbers able to attend. Be alert to sudden changes of these restrictions.