The Prayer Bytes last Sunday was quite successful and generated a lot of discussion. It was particularly relevant that Fr Paul’s homily spoke so eloquently about adopting Christ’s mission statement and letting your light shine, even at work.

We thought that you may like to consider this prayer, as you go to work each day.

The Work Suscipe

Receive O Lord, all my work and career relationships, interruptions, plans, and frustrations. Give me only your love! You’re my boss. Your love and your plans are enough for me.

Receive O Lord, my multitasking and stress. Have you given this to me? Can I return it? Please? Give me only your love, and a fresh cup of coffee. On Mondays I know: You’re enough for me.

Receive O Lord, everything on my plate today. Dispose of it, wholly according to your will. Give me only your love, and a pace that leaves ;me for you.

My workplace: a place where Your grace shines through.