New Parish Appointments – Music Ministry Director & Liturgical Ministries Director

I am pleased to announce that Sr Ann-Maree O’Beirne rsm and Mr David Nelson have been appointed to the newly developed roles of Music Ministry Director and Liturgical Ministries Director. Following the success of Dr Anna Thompson’s work as Music Ministry Director in the Cathedral Parish throughout 2018 it was decided to expand that role to include the coordination of both music and liturgical ministries in the Parish. Sr Ann-Maree and David have extensive knowledge, understanding and experience in their respective fields of expertise and will work together with the Parish and Diocesan teams to coordinate and enhance the music and liturgy in the Cathedral Parish. Sr Ann-Maree will focus on the Music Ministry, supporting our Parish musicians, fostering the growth and expertise of the music ministry. David will focus on the other Liturgical Ministries that are so vital in providing good liturgy and experiences of worship and prayer in our Parish. Together they will strengthen the communication between the music and liturgical ministries and the Parish team and Liturgy Coordination Committee. Fr Paul

I am pretty excited to be working for my parish in the role of Liturgical Ministries Director. Learning about and preparing liturgies has been my special area of interest since I first moved to Bathurst in 1991 from my home town of Boggabri. Since then I have been lucky to have been on various parish liturgy groups and the Diocesan Liturgy Commission for 19 years.

In 2010, I graduated with a Master of Theology degree with a specialisation in Liturgy from the Broken Bay Institute and the University of Newcastle. Studying the liturgy was a great experience that grew my faith and my understanding of my religion.

I am married to Denise and we have three adult children Kieran, Brendan and Grace. Without their support over the years I wouldn’t have been able to help out with parish and diocesan committees.

I am very happy that Fr Paul has decided to commit parish resources to the liturgy including the position of Music Ministry Director and I look forward to working with Sr Ann-Maree and the ParishTeam to further the prayerful experience of all parishioners when we come to the Liturgy.

David Nelson

Sr Ann-Maree O’Beirne rsm

I find it energising and exciting to be able to offer my time and experience once again in the parish in the role of Music Ministry Director. Liturgy, and in particular music in the liturgy, have been a passion of mine since I was in secondary school and I have always been involved in my parish through the music ministry where ever I have lived.

In 2000 I joined the Sisters of Mercy and moved to Bathurst. In 2002 I joined the Parish Team as Liturgy and Music Coordinator and enjoyed my time in this role very much until 2008 when I spent some time in Sydney for study. I have been most grateful for the opportunity to study liturgy, theology and spiritual direction, which has enriched my appreciation and love of God and God’s presence in every aspect of our lives. I am currently completing a PhD in
theology in the area of how we find God in the natural world. I am also involved in some casual teaching at Australian Catholic University.

My overall desire is to enable others to be involved and for all that collaboration to ensure that we are all able to celebrate our life and God’s love for all of life in the best possible way. Music in the Liturgy is crucial to that goal. We are so fortunate in our parish to have so many talented musicians and singers with generous hearts, courageous enough to give what they can. I am really looking forward to working them, and with David, who has so much experience in Liturgy, as well as Fr Paul, Fr Joshy and the Parish Team and Liturgy Committees.