I am pleased to announce that Dr Anna Thompson has been appointed to the newly formed part-time role of Music Ministry Director (MMD) in the Cathedral Parish. The role has been created to support our Parish musicians ministry, foster the growth and exercise of the music ministry, and strengthen the communication between the music ministry and the Parish team and Liturgy Committees.

Anna has broad experience in church music ministries and other ecumenical Christian ministries over 20 years. She is an accomplished and expressive musician, playing instruments including clarinet, piano and percussion, and is an experienced conductor. She plays in and appreciates a wide variety of musical styles. Anna moved to Bathurst from Sydney in 2015 to help establish The Bridge Community, a community for the vulnerable and marginalised led by Fr Steve Sinn. As well as working voluntarily as the Community Coordinator for The Bridge Community, Anna continues some consultant work as a clinical psychologist and is in formation as a spiritual director.

Anna is looking forward to working with our musicians to contribute to inspiring liturgy in the Parish. We welcome her to this position and wish her well as she assists musicians to fulfil their important ministry.

Anna will be available in the Parish office on Tuesdays and is contactable via the office at other times.

Fr Paul Devitt VG