Dear Parents,

Bishop Michael has given all priests of the Diocese authority to confirm the children who request the Sacrament this year. This authority is valid till 24 December 2020.

He has recommended that the Sacrament be celebrated in the same way that we have been celebrating First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, namely:

1. Completion of the Confirmation Preparation Course.

2. Completion of the required 2020 Confirmation Request Form (available from the Parish Office), attaching:

– the Baptism Certificate of the child and

the Confirmation Certificate of the Sponsor (who must be over 16 and a Confirmed Catholic).

3. Arranging for reception of the Sacrament at a Mass of the family’s choice by contacting Cathy at the Parish Office – 6331 3066.

Note well:

1.The Covid restrictions still apply to our Churches so we will need to limit:

a) the number of children who can be confirmed at any one time (especially at weekend Masses).

b) the number of guests who attend the child’s Confirmation ceremony.

2. The Diocesan Confirmation Policy promulgated by Bishop Michael in 2018 states that children and their parents have the option of postponing the Sacrament until a later age if they so wish.

Blessings on all our families,

Fr Paul Devitt VG