In order to ensure the long-term survival of the Cathedral, it is imperative that there be a consistent airflow under the building to keep the ground as dry as possible.

To achieve this, we need to replace the concrete floors of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel and the Sacristy with wooden flooring.

Work has now begun on this process, and some significant changes will have to be made to the interior of the Cathedral to facilitate this work.  The changes you will notice are:

  • The work area around the Sanctuary, Blessed Sacrament Chapel and Sacristy will be screened off;
  • A temporary Sanctuary will be set up in front of the current Sanctuary, and the pews will be rearranged to suit this Sanctuary;
  • An Altar, Ambo, Cathedra and Presider’s Chair will be set on the temporary Sanctuary.
  • The sound system has been transferred to a new location in the body of the Cathedral and speakers have been realigned to suit the new arrangement;
  • The pews in the Keppel Street area and the ambulatory on the Southern side of the Cathedral will be realigned to face the new Sanctuary;
  • A temporary Sacristy will be set up in the building now in place on the car-park side of the Cathedral;
  • A Tabernacle will be placed on the Altar in the Marian Chapel, and this will become the temporary Blessed Sacrament Chapel;
  • Access in and out of the Marian Chapel entrance will be restricted to Sacristans and those needing to access the temporary Sacristy;
  • The former Mortuary Chapel will become the Vestry for the Priests and Bishop;
  • Rarely used items from the Sacristy will be stored in the storeroom off the Gallery.

These changes will be slightly inconvenient for all of us, but the long-term gain of keeping the Cathedral operating well into the future will be worth the momentary pain of these changes.


Monday 3rd July – Friday 7th July (open for the 5.45pm Friday Mass)

The Cathedral will be closed for this week so that the Contractors can get the necessary time to break up and remove the concrete floors.

The Monday and Wednesday evening Masses that week will be in the Parish Centre.