Breezy and Keegan Altmann Lectors

We became Ministers of the Word a few years ago. We both enjoyed being involved in our Parish as Altar Servers and were glad to find another opportunity to continue our involvement.

The Assumption Church is blessed to have Edith Rout and Betty Bourke who work incredibly hard and make every reader feel welcomed and appreciated.

Being a Minister of the Word allows you to gain a greater understanding of the readings, and it is always rewarding to hear that people appreciated your reading following Mass. This particular congregation is very encouraging and creates a supportive environment in which to volunteer.

Becoming a Minister provides the opportunity to establish relationships with more members of this parish community.

If you are interested in becoming a minister of the word, we will be available in the foyer at the end of Mass to answer any questions you may have.

We highly recommend becoming involved in our Parish by becoming a Minister of the Word.