COVID-19 is disrupting our communities and our lifestyles and causing anxiety levels to rise quite a bit. At the same time, there are millions of people all around the world using their brains, initiative, humour and compassion to reach out to others to ensure they are ok, feel connected, and know they are loved.

This will be a tough time for us all in different ways, but already we are seeing the sparkle of the silver lining on the dark cloud currently over us. I think this experience will change us – it’ll change our value systems, affirm what we see as really important, what is not so crucial to get stressed over, how we interact with each other, how we do meetings, business, teaching, health care, and lots of other things we don’t even realise yet.

Thanks to all those of you finding new and innovative ways to get our food, drink and medicines to us, to keep teaching and learning going at all levels of education, to care for our physical and mental health, and all those of you keeping things going so well to give us some sense of normality in these strangest of days.
We appreciate all you are doing.


Paul Devitt